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Daughter Arise

  • Daughter Arise is more than a book; this is a guide to 30-days of intimacy with the Father.

    This spiritual journey will allow you to hear God speak to you as you allow Him to reveal answers

    to life’s most challenging questions. Set aside 30 days so that you can increase your intimacy with

    Him and figure out what He’s saying to you in this season.


    For many of us, it is not the external enemy that sabotages God’s plan, purpose, and promise for our lives, but

    It is the enemy within. It is the lies we have told ourselves. It is the fear of not feeling as if we Are capable or competent enough to be who God says we can be. It is the word curses from yesterday they have been spoken over our lives that have made us feel in adequate, unworthy, and undeserving of that which God has purposed for us.


    Daughter, I believe that the next 30 days will transform your life if you allow it to. I strongly urge you to read each day and take time to think about what God is revealing and making known to you. Interact with each word, underline it, and write it down with your thoughts as the Holy Spirit gives you revelation. Make it your moment by personalizing it!

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